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Our 175th Anniversary              


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About Us

Here at St. Paul’s we believe that the Bible is God’s authoritative Word. We believe that, in spite of our struggle to live within what it says, the Bible is, by the grace of God and through His Spirit, GOOD NEWS, the meaning of evangelical. It is God’s Timeless Word that speaks Good News to every generation, including our own.
The Bible is Good News because it speaks of Jesus, the Creator God who loved His creation so much that He personally became a part of His creation to rescue it from the mess it had made of itself.
At St. Paul’s we are all people who recognize that we need to be rescued on an ongoing basis. We celebrate our rescue week to week in our worship and we ask once again for our rescue for the coming week.
We are a liturgical church. We recognize that there are constants in our lives, such as our failure to live as God intended, God’s rescue of us and our need to express our thanks for that rescue, and our need to be fed and encouraged for the challenges of the coming week. Our traditional format as Anglican helps us do that.
We also recognize that there are times for spontaneous prayer and reflection and we seek to do that at several points in the service, seeking to also be respectful of others and orderly as is fitting in a church.
Our phone number is 450-242-2885, our email is stpaulanglicanchurch@bellnet.ca

Everyone is Welcome

Our signs say “Everyone Welcome,” but what do we mean? We mean EVERYONE is welcome.
The people who feel welcome at St. Paul’s, Knowlton come from a wide range of backgrounds.
We are young and old(er), single, married, gay, straight, divorced, with children, without children, French, English, conservative, liberal, etc..
We are from Montreal, Mansonville, South Stukely, Bromont, Cowansville, Bondville, Foster, Sutton, the Boltons and the Bromes.
The people who feel welcome at St. Paul’s Knowlton come from different backgrounds.  Some had never been to church, some have left church and come back. Many have been to a wide variety of churches, Roman Catholic, United, Mennonite, Brethren, Baptist, Lutheran, Pentecostal, and even a few Anglicans.
The people who feel welcome at St. Paul’s are traditional and old-fashioned and enjoy using beautiful, old, deep language.  We love singing with our beautiful hybrid Cassavant/Hauptwerk Pipe/Digital Organ with samples from great organs in Europe and Canada.
BUT we are also modern and engaged with an 8-piece band, including drums, bass, guitars and keyboards, singing some of the most current Christian music.  Although our service is in English, the 10:00 service is projected on two screens in both languages.
Some of the people who feel welcome are evangelical, some are contemplative, some are liturgical.  Some are involved in social justice, some are involved in community and medical service.  Some are teachers, engineers, retired, accountants, labourers, bus drivers, salespeople, administrative assistants, doctors, not employed, lawyers, civil servants and professors.
Some of the people who feel welcome at St. Paul’s have a calm, quiet faith built from years of trust.  Others have many questions and uncertainties and they still feel welcome.
Maybe you might feel welcome too.  You are always welcome to try us out.   Come with a friend or find a friend at St. Paul’s.
Our Sunday services are at 8:00 for a quiet service or 10:00 for a service with lots of music, video and interaction.

St. Paul’s Worship Times, Services, and Events.

First Sunday of the Month:
8:00 – Holy Eucharist- Book of Common Prayer (said)
10:00- Holy Eucharist- Book of Common Prayer (With Traditional and Contemporary Music)
Second Sunday of the Month:
8:00 – Holy Eucharist- Book of Common Prayer (said)
10:00- Holy Eucharist- Book of Alternate Services/Supplement to the B.A.S.  (With Traditional and Contemporary Music)
Third Sunday of the Month:
8:00 – Morning Prayer (said)
10:00- Service of the Word – Supplement to the B.A.S. (With Traditional and Contemporary Music)
Fourth Sunday of the Month:
8:00 – Holy Eucharist- Book of Common Prayer (said)
10:00- Holy Eucharist- Kenyan Rite (With Traditional and Contemporary Music)
Fifth Sunday of the Month:
We are experimenting this year with having One service on the 5th Sunday at 9:30 a.m.  and having a brunch/lunch time together following.  (There will continue to be one 9:00 service in the summer.)
Upcoming Events 
  •  Prayer Group                       10am  John and DeDe DeGrace
  •  Coldbrook Bible Study          2pm   Valeria Badger”s Home
Thursday                    Prayer Group                 4.30pm   St Paul’s
Every Third Wednesday of the Month
Women’s Group
      Bible Discussion Group – Schedule
         Sundays at 9AM  –   at St Paul’s
   and Wednesdays at 4PM starting Sept. 13th


Sept 10, 13                       I & II Peter
Sept 17, 24                       I, II, III John & Jude
Oct 1, 4                             Revelation
Oct. 8, 11                         Hebrews Part 1                  

Feb 5, 2017
Alternative Facts 2
"Alternative Facts Part 2"  Please refer to the Notes File titled "Beatitudes"  for more information 
  • Feb 5, 2017Alternative Facts 2
    Feb 5, 2017
    Alternative Facts 2
    "Alternative Facts Part 2"  Please refer to the Notes File titled "Beatitudes"  for more information 
  • Jan 29, 2017Alternative Facts
    Jan 29, 2017
    Alternative Facts
    Alternative Facts
  • Jan 15, 2017Calling People Names
    Jan 15, 2017
    Calling People Names
    "Calling People Names".
  • Nov 20, 2016Christ The King
    Nov 20, 2016
    Christ The King
    Topic: Christ The King.   A video titled "The Truth Project" was shown as part of the sermon.
  • Nov 13, 2016Tuesday and The Temple
    Nov 13, 2016
    Tuesday and The Temple
    Tuesday and The Temple.                               Trust and Love
  • Nov 6, 2016The Sadducees
    Nov 6, 2016
    The Sadducees
    The Sadducees Luke 20:27 - 36
  • Oct 16, 2016Will He Find Faith
    Oct 16, 2016
    Will He Find Faith
    Will He Find Faith
  • Oct 9, 2016Thanksgiving 2016
    Oct 9, 2016
    Thanksgiving 2016
    Thanksgiving Gratitude
    1) Say a personal and specific Thank You to someone each day this week
    2) Thank God everyday for someone who has impacted your life.
    3) Say Thank You to God for a struggle you are going though knowing that a) the end is assured and b) you are being prepared for something better.
    4) Be a reason why someone says Thank You every day this week.
  • Oct 6, 2016Cognitive Dissonance
    Oct 6, 2016
    Cognitive Dissonance
    Cognitive Dissonance
  • Oct 2, 2016Faith
    Oct 2, 2016

Audio Sermons

Our schedules can get messy…..life can get messy…..come and experience Messy Church!
Fun!  Free Food!  Friends!
Everyone welcome!
(Adults don’t have to bring children but children should be accompanied by an adult)
5-7 pm at St. Paul’s
Our Schedule  – Every third Wednesday of the month
2017      Sept 20   Oct 18   Nov 15   Dec 20  
2018    Jan 17    Feb  21    Mar 21    Apr 18
Watch Pharaohs Army  In the Red Sea
See more photos in the Photo Gallery
messy-ch-sept-2106-10 messy-ch-sept-2106-11 messy-ch-sept-2106-12 messy-ch-sept-2106-13  messy-ch-sept-2106-15 messy-ch-sept-2106-16 messy-ch-sept-2106-17 messy-ch-sept-2106-18  
Beauty for Ashes
We Believe

Let the People Praise 

Nothing I hold onto/Climb  

Blessed Be Your Name

Be the Centre 

Wide Open 

Remembrance (Communion Song)  

Your Love Never Fails

God SO Loved the World

The Lord’s My Shepherd  


Your Grace is Enough

Amazing Grace/The Sound that saved us all

Your Grace Finds Me- Matt Redman

I Am Not The Same- Aaron Keyes  

Stillness (Speak to me)- Aaron Shust 

Wide Open- Anthony Skinner 

Risen Today- Aaron Shust

Christ is Risen- Matt Maher  


Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)  Hillsong United 

Give It All Away- Aaron Shust

Let the People Praise- Aaron Shust

Your Love Never Fails

– Anthony Skinner

God So Loved the World 

Your Grace Finds Me- Matt Redman  

Beautiful – Phil Wickham  







Photos of our activities, visitors, and the St Paul’s family
Visit by Bishop Mary 
Music at St. Paul’s 
MESSY CHURCH 2016 -2017

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Church Information

Our email address is stpaulanglicanchurch@bellnet.ca
Our Phone Number is 450-242-2885
Rev. Tim Wiebe’s email is twiebe5457@sympatico.ca
You can also tune into CIDI 99.1 Radio to hear “Ask The Pastor” at rcmmedia.org and follow the links through radio to the show.