About Us

Here at St. Paul’s we believe that the Bible is God’s authoritative Word. We believe that, in spite of our struggle to live within what it says, the Bible is, by the grace of God and through His Spirit, GOOD NEWS, the meaning of evangelical. It is God’s Timeless Word that speaks Good News to every generation, including our own.
The Bible is Good News because it speaks of Jesus, the Creator God who loved His creation so much that He personally became a part of His creation to rescue it from the mess it had made of itself.
At St. Paul’s we are all people who recognize that we need to be rescued on an ongoing basis. We celebrate our rescue week to week in our worship and we ask once again for our rescue for the coming week.
We are a liturgical church. We recognize that there are constants in our lives, such as our failure to live as God intended, God’s rescue of us and our need to express our thanks for that rescue, and our need to be fed and encouraged for the challenges of the coming week. Our traditional format as Anglican helps us do that.
We also recognize that there are times for spontaneous prayer and reflection and we seek to do that at several points in the service, seeking to also be respectful of others and orderly as is fitting in a church.
Our phone number is 450-242-2885, our email is stpaulanglicanchurch@bellnet.ca

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