Our History

–  In 1842, the first resident missionary clergyman, the Rev’d W. Cassock, arrived in Knowlton, then known as “Coldbrook”.
– In 1843, with the help of Colonel P.H. Knowlton, the first church building was opened.

–  In 1872, the Parish became independent (no longer a “mission”).  The Rev’d Robert Linsey was the first Rector.
–  In 1881, the Rev’d Percy Chambers came to Knowlton and began plans to replace the original church building with a larger structure.
–  The first church building was demolished in 1891 and the second church building was opened on December 1, 1892.


–   On January 8, 1941, the second St. Paul’s burned to the ground, and only the bell and some stained glass windows were saved.
–  The cornerstone of this current church building was laid on May 31, 1941 and on October 18, 1941 the third St. Paul’s was consecrated by the Bishop of Montreal.  The cost of the new church was $30,000.00.  The new church was debt-free and the money raised in one week through the efforts of Senator Foster.
–  The stones used in the church walls were taken from parishioners’ farm fields.
–  The 150th Anniversary of the Parish was celebrated in 1994.

2 Responses to “Our History”

  1. Cathy Rollit says:

    My Grandfather Albert Ernest Rollit was a Minister at this church

  2. Kathy says:

    Rev. James S. Carmichael was a Minister in this church in the early 1900’s before “Albert Rollit. Does anyone know of any of his descendents that might still be around? Cathy, are you related to Dorthea Rollit (1893-1917)?

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