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St. Paul’s has been developing its prayer ministries over the past several years.
Thursday evenings at 4:30,  a core group of 8-10 meet to pray for the church, the community, ourselves, whatever comes to mind.
Sunday Mornings we have begun to have a prayer ministry with several teams willing to pray with anyone who asks during communion.
We also have a long-standing Prayer Chain, a group of anonymous people who prayer for various prayer requests from the church, friends and family.
Nothing Never Happens
A Season Five episode of West Wing depicted the terrorist kidnapping of President Bartlett’s daughter Zoe.  The President’s secretary (a self-avowed atheist) confessed to the First Lady that she had been secretly praying for Zoe’s safe return.  The secretary then admitted that she didn’t feel her prayers had much influence, since she wasn’t exactly a ‘believer’ in things Christian (the Bartletts were practicing Roman Catholics).  The self-assured secretary felt that her life had probably been such a disappointment to God that her prayers might have even angered the Lord, provoking his revenge, instead of Zoe’s successful rescue.
This scene made me think of something I’d recently read in Psalm 145: “The Lord is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made”.   Don’t many of us instinctively feel like the President’s secretary, that God persistently holds our weakness and doubts against us?  Don’t we imagine the Lord to be someone like ourselves – easily angered and vindictive?  But what if we’re wrong, and as the Psalm insists, God feels compassion towards all people and living things? Is it possible that the Creator isn’t as mean as most of us?
We at St. Paul’s Church in Knowlton think so. 
There are a variety prayer groups here who optimistically meet to pray for the Lac Brome community, for friends and relatives, and for anyone who needs extra help with anything – family, illness, work, finances, plans for the future, forgiveness, anger and doubts about faith.  We pray together in groups, through an email prayer chain and quietly by ourselves at home. We’re convinced that there’s nothing we care about, that God isn’t also interested in.  And guess what – nothing never happens!
Mostly we can’t imagine how someone’s situation might change or improve, but often we hear affirmative reports and see positive outcomes: people recovering from surgery or cancer, relationships improved or plans taking a creative direction.  We know God is not obligated to make everything turn out exactly as we want, yet we are sure about His wanting every single living person to be satisfied, and happy.
We want to invite everyone in our community to have the opportunity to benefit from prayer, so we are extending the invitation to call (450) 242-2887 or email, St. Paul’s Church office, and to leave a short message explaining what you want us to pray for.  A caller may identify him/herself by name or simply by initials.  The important thing to know is that someone will pray for you, and that God is interested in your success and happiness.
The church isn’t expecting anything in return for this service – except possibly a return call reporting new developments in your situation.  We enjoy praying, knowing that prayer changes us as we share the concerns of others.  We simply want to extend our prayers to anyone who needs relief from discouragement, loneliness or hopelessness.

We think God is on everyone’s side – just like Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s surgeon recently stated about her surprising recovery from the bullet wound to her brain (knowing how many prayers were offered on her behalf): “You can’t ever discount miracles.  It’s not we who are in charge of outcomes”. So please call (450) 242-2885, or email us at – and we will pray for you.   Tom Ransom

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  1. Stan Pepler says:

    Prayer in the Church on Tuesdays is now at 6:30 PM and all are welcome

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