Weddings at St. Paul’s

Congratulations on your Engagement!
We are so happy that you are considering St. Paul’s as a place to celebrate your wedding.  The Christian community that meets here is so glad to celebrate your love with you.  We will be keeping you and your wedding in our thoughts and prayers.
St. Paul’s is a lively, vibrant community that seeks to know the love of God that He has revealed in Jesus and to make Jesus known.  Your wedding is a part of the ministry of this church and we will do everything we can to make your Big Day personal and special.  As the priest here at St. Paul’s, I believe that the wedding should be one of the highlights of your wedding day.
Many people contact us to have their wedding here because they rightly believe that St. Paul’s is beautiful.  It is beautiful and it is beautiful because it is a place where God chooses to come and meet with His people.  It is beautiful because many people spend a great deal of time, energy and attention keeping it beautiful and it is beautiful because many people contribute to keeping its structure in good condition.
As you can imagine there are costs involved in holding a wedding at St. Paul’s.  We hope that you would look at these not as expenses but as a way of supporting, maintaining and encouraging the ministry and beauty of St. Paul’s.  We would like your children to be able to come and be married here as well!
The basic fees for a wedding are as follows and are due at least one week prior to your wedding:
Church (Donation to our Building Fund): $500- (Tax receipt)
Organist: $100  (If you intend to use our organist, you must be in contact with him at least one month prior to your wedding.)
Verger: $75
Clergy Honourarium: $150 (Discretionary Fund)
Wedding Pamphlet: at cost.
[Pre-Marriage Preparation to Enrich Canada Ltd.- $45.45]*
{St. Paul’s will never turn away anyone who cannot afford the above fees and arrangements can be made for those who ask.  But we do believe that the church is an important part of your day and ought to be factored into your planning.}
Marriage preparation is a part of the requirements of being married in an Anglican church.  There are two options for marriage preparation.
1) There are courses available in the Anglican church or other denominations (upon approval).
2) Participate in a marriage course with me using a course called Enrich.  Many couples say that this is an excellent, enjoyable and modern way to prepare for marriage.  The cost of this is $45.45.
It is expected that a church wedding is an expression of your faith, not just in each other but in the God that you are asking to bless your marriage.  We will be talking about the Christian faith as a part of your wedding preparation and we also expect that you will be attending a church, hopefully St. Paul’s, as you prepare.  Members of St. Paul’s are assumed to be contributing to the ministry of St. Paul’s through their weekly contributions and so are exempt from paying the Building Fund contribution, although a donation of some amount is expected.
There are many other questions that you will have and I would be glad to answer them as best I can when we meet together.  If this information has given you some questions that you would like to discuss before then, do not hesitate to call.
I wish God’s richest blessings on you both as you prepare for your Big Day,
In Christ
Wedding FAQ’s
Q:  Can we write our own vows?
A:  Although there is some latitude in the wedding service that we can discuss, the vows in an Anglican service are set, you may use the modern version found in the Book of Alternate Services or the more ancient and traditional words found in the Book of Common Prayer.
Q:  Can we be married somewhere other than the church?
A:  Yes, it is now possible to have an Anglican service outside of the church building.  There are some restrictions, so it would be good to talk ahead of time.
Q: We do not belong to St. Paul’s but we belong to another church, can our pastor/priest marry us in your church?
A: Many people ask us this question.  My first response is “why begin your life together in a place other than your faith community, a place where you will continue to build your life together?”  A wedding is an important event for a community, not just the couple.  It ought to be celebrated with brothers and sisters and hallowed in the place hallowed by God’s presence in them.
A church is not a building, it is the people in the building.  It’s beauty comes from God’s presence in His People, not the architect or the stained glass.
We wish to be as hospitable as possible to other believers, however the pastor/priest of our parish is responsible for everything that happens at St. Paul’s.  Your pastor/priest is welcome to assist but the service is a service of the Anglican community and will be conducted by the Incumbent of the parish.  In other words, our church is not for rent.
Q: Can we decorate the church as we like?
A: We will seek to be as flexible as possible, however, all decorating ideas must be pre-approved by the priest.

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