Everyone is Welcome

Our signs say “Everyone Welcome,” but what do we mean? We mean EVERYONE is welcome.
The people who feel welcome at St. Paul’s, Knowlton come from a wide range of backgrounds.
We are young and old(er), single, married, gay, straight, divorced, with children, without children, French, English, conservative, liberal, etc..
We are from Montreal, Mansonville, South Stukely, Bromont, Cowansville, Bondville, Foster, Sutton, the Boltons and the Bromes.
The people who feel welcome at St. Paul’s Knowlton come from different backgrounds.  Some had never been to church, some have left church and come back. Many have been to a wide variety of churches, Roman Catholic, United, Mennonite, Brethren, Baptist, Lutheran, Pentecostal, and even a few Anglicans.
The people who feel welcome at St. Paul’s are traditional and old-fashioned and enjoy using beautiful, old, deep language.  We love singing with our beautiful hybrid Cassavant/Hauptwerk Pipe/Digital Organ with samples from great organs in Europe and Canada.
BUT we are also modern and engaged with an 8-piece band, including drums, bass, guitars and keyboards, singing some of the most current Christian music.  Although our service is in English, the 10:00 service is projected on two screens in both languages.
Some of the people who feel welcome are evangelical, some are contemplative, some are liturgical.  Some are involved in social justice, some are involved in community and medical service.  Some are teachers, engineers, retired, accountants, labourers, bus drivers, salespeople, administrative assistants, doctors, not employed, lawyers, civil servants and professors.
Some of the people who feel welcome at St. Paul’s have a calm, quiet faith built from years of trust.  Others have many questions and uncertainties and they still feel welcome.
Maybe you might feel welcome too.  You are always welcome to try us out.   Come with a friend or find a friend at St. Paul’s.
Our Sunday services are at 8:00 for a quiet service or 10:00 for a service with lots of music, video and interaction.

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